Supporting and Building Skills for Teaching

Whatever your role, teaching and learning is central to our work at UHN every day. Whether you call yourself a Clinical Instructor, a Preceptor, a Student Supervisor, a Trainer or care provider, you are teaching at UHN! Teachers at UHN cross all professions and roles and work in clinical practice, research and many other portfolios and programs. Each of us plays a critical role in supporting the learning of students, trainees, healthcare professionals, peers, patients and families, the public and many others

The Clinical Educational Development team fosters teaching excellence in the everyday work at UHN through consultations, a variety of online teaching resources, rounds and events. We are available to support you to assess your learners' needs, plan your educational approach, facilitate learning, help learners apply new skills and knowledge, and evaluate the success of your teaching approach.

Contact the Clinical Educational Development team

For a broad range of resources for providing feedback to students and designing evaluations, please see the Teaching and Learning Resources under Evaluating.

Educational development workshops can be offered at UHN to support group learning needs. For Example:

Best Practice in Education Rounds (BPER)

Best Practice in Education Rounds Co-sponsored by UHN's Wilson Centre and the Centre for Faculty Development University of Toronto

HoPingKong Centre for Excellence in Education and Practice (CEEP)

Offers an opportunity to discuss educational topics, disseminate educational scholarship and share work.

Wilson Centre Education Research Rounds

Offers participants a forum to engage in educational dialogue geared towards promoting excellence in their specific education research interests and identified professional needs.

An educational development consultation involves collaborating with you to provide teaching support, advice, feedback and/or to connect you to those with specific teaching expertise.

For example:

  • Developing your teaching skills
  • Identifying learning needs
  • Establishing learning objectives
  • Creating learning plans
  • Designing curriculum
  • Evaluating sessions
  • Facilitating the learning
  • Reflecting and committing to change and more

If you are interested in coaching others to support their educational development please contact us at for more information.

Here you will find Resources for Clinical Teaching for those who teach in a clinical setting.

Teaching and Learning Essentials (TaLE)

Do you supervise/precept learners in a busy work environment?

TaLE is a practical tool of three essential teaching and learning practices with actions to incorporate into your daily teaching practice whether in person or online. These essentials enable you to integrate care and teaching, improve the teaching and learning experience and promote the learner's development.

As a leading teaching hospital, UHN recognizes that a high-quality learning environment is enabled through exceptional teaching and learning (building skills for teaching and learning through Educational Development) individually and collaboratively (Clinical Interprofessional Education and Care). Given the ongoing evolution of clinical education, new models of teaching and learning are regularly developed and implemented across UHN. Teaching and learning needs are to be enabled by current, high-quality knowledge and information expertise; the ability to mobilize knowledge for caring, discovery, learning and decision-making is the mandate of our library network.

Hospital Campus Libraries are located at all UHN hospital sites, providing the most current research and information resources to physicians, staff and learner.

St. Patrick Campus Learning Resource Centre contributes to improved learner experiences and outcomes. From the LRC website, you can connect to any of our electronic resources and learn more about our services. Please do not hesitate to contact staff with any questions. Ask LRC!

Supports are available for learners at UHN through our Learner Assistance Page.

Here are some resources for health professionals who teach in a clinical setting, including creating a safe learning space.

Supports are available for learners at UHN through our Learner Assistance Page.

To learn more about working with patients across UHN, visit Patient Education and Engagement.

To further build on the knowledge, attitude, skills and values needed for teaching at UHN, you can use these competencies:

  • To support your own reflection and development, as well as with peers and learners
  • Across a variety of teaching and learning situations (e.g. point of care; small/large group)
  • As a resource to support the UHN Performance System process

The UHN Competencies for Teaching are adapted from the Competencies for Training and Development Professionals as the model and reference standard of practice for workplace learning and development professionals developed by The Institute for Performance and Learning. Overview of the five core competency areas (for details please visit UHN Teaching Competencies**)

**This link is only available through the UHN intranet.
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