How to Apply and Register


NOTE: The Observerships Program will no longer be issuing refunds after 4 months from the scheduled start date of a cancelled observership. Please contact if you have any questions.

UHN Observership Application Requirements

Before you complete the online application form, please ensure you have the following prepared for upload:

  1. Observership Authorized Guest Agreement . Be sure to have both sponsor's and signing authority's signatures
  2. Confidentiality Agreement Form
  3. Attestation to UHN Immunization requirements
  4. A current copy of your Curriculum Vitae
  5. Current photo of yourself
  6. Proof of completion of Privacy eLearning Module (screenshot or photo of the attestation form)
  7. Orientation Module
    You must pass the quiz at the end of the module and upload a screenshot of your passing score
  8. Three observation goals
  9. Sponsor details (name, email, phone, role, department)
  10. Proof of Student Enrollment (only applicable to Students enrolled in a UHN-affiliated institution). If unsure of your school's affiliation, contact before beginning the registration.

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