Pharmacist discussiong medication with patientPharmacists are involved with a number of patient care activities including:​​​

  • Pharmaceutical care/med​ication management (ensuring safe and effective patient-centred care by identifying, resolving and preventing dr​​ug therapy problems for individual patients and developing patient- specific therapeutic care plans)​​
  • Patient medication reconciliation
  • Patient care rounds
  • Drug information for patients and other health care professionals​
  • Patient education, including hospital discharge medication education
  • Patient follow-up after discharge (ou​​tpatient and ambulatory practice pharmacists)
  • MedsCheck Program (outpatient pharmacy)​​
  • Contribute to treatment algorithm and guidelines development

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians are involved in:

  • ​​Drug distribution to ensure safe and effective medicati​on use
  • Operational patient care activities, including the use of automated dispensing technology for both oral and intravenous medications
  • Inventory management

​Pharmacy technicians are also very active in sharing their expertise by teaching pharmacy technician students, pharmacy students, pharmacists and other health professionals.

Medication Reimbursement Specialists

Medication reimbursement specialists provide individual patient support with reimbursement processes and are linked to our out-patient pharmacies. Our specialists have an in-depth familiarity with both provincial and federal medication reimbursement programs and patient assistance programs and can help patients apply for appropriate drug coverage.​

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