Research and Innovation


Audiologists at the University Health Network contribute to a number of research projects, and our professionals have diagnosed and treated patients from all over the province, the country, and the world. The research contributions are varied and ever-changing, but recently included work on tympanometry, Ménière’s Disease, high-frequency vestibular impairments, transcranial CROS amplification, cochlear implants and caloric testing.

Audiologists contribute to patient selection and testing, protocol creation, REB submissions, the writing and editing of academic papers and presentation of works at conferences and talks. UHN audiologists work closely with other hospital sites, as well as researchers in the fields of otolaryngology, neuro-otology, neuro-ophthalmology, psychiatry, physiotherapy and nursing.

Our audiologists have most recently contributed research to conferences at the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology and the Canadian Academy of Audiology, as well as at neuro-otology rounds and audiology meetings.

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