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Behind the Breakthrough

2022 Canadian Podcast Award winner for "Outstanding Science Series", Behind the Breakthrough features Host Christian Coté and UHN scientists in conversations that takes listeners behind the scenes and reveals how they came to achieve their groundbreaking medical research. Scientists at UHN are driven to pursue answers and solutions to the most profound health issues and diseases. Their pursuit of better treatments and new cures is a personal quest. Feel their passion and determination in these engaging and intimate one-on-one interviews about their work and the journey of how they got to where they are today.

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From Our Programs

Your Complex Brain

Your Complex Brain, a new podcast from Krembil Brain Institute.

Explore the myths, mysteries, and medical breakthroughs of the most complex and powerful organ in your body – your brain. Weaving together expert interviews with heartfelt, inspiring snapshots of the patients and family members in the middle of it all, Heather Sherman dives into the latest science on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, epilepsy, stroke, concussion, spinal cord injury, brain cancer and other brain diseases and disorders. Along the way she uncovers surprising insights, sheds light on the latest research, and shares heroic, real-life stories from the people on the front lines. Brought to you by Krembil Brain Institute at UHN, one of the largest and most comprehensive neurological centres in North America.

Living Transplant

Living Transplant, a podcast from the Ajmera Transplant Centre and the Centre for Living Organ Donation.

Listen in to season three with new host, Candice Coghlan, a kidney transplant recipient and Education & Outreach Coordinator at the Centre for Living Organ Donation. Each episode she is joined by a guest host with lived transplant experience to interview an expert in the field of transplant. Candice and her guest hosts will tell the incredible stories of transplant recipients, donors and caregivers, and together, they will explore transplantation through the perspective of frontline staff, researchers, innovators and transplant pioneers.

From Our Research Trainees

Seeds of Science

Seeds of Science: A new podcast exploring the experiences of UHN research trainees and postdoctoral researchers

UHN has over 1,300 trainees and postdoctoral researchers performing research in seven different research institutes, at sites all across Toronto. However, trainees and postdocs often only get to know fellow trainees and postdocs in their labs or nearby labs. The Seeds of Science podcast was launched to connect more trainees and postdocs and to learn about their diverse experiences, backgrounds, research, and stories to share. As they grow & flourish in their respective scientific fields, they are the seeds of science.

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UHN Home: Celebrating Canada 150 through stories.

We're telling stories about the diversity at UHN: stories about our employees who have come from around the world and work at UHN, and stories about employees whose families have called Canada home for more than 150 years.

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