1. What is a vendor?

A vendor is an individual that is external to UHN that conducts business, provides a service or product support to the organization.



2. What is the difference between Vendors that perform Patient Care and Training duties compared to Sales/Relationship-building?

Vendors that perform patient care and training duties have a current contract with UHN for their services. Vendors that are under the sales/relationship-building umbrella have no contract.




3. Who is the Signing Authority?

The Signing Authority is the Division Head to the Sponsor that will authenticate the vendor agreement. The Signing Authority's signature is required on the Vendor Access Application form.




4. How do I acquire signatures from my Sponsor and Signing Authority if I'm not from Toronto?

Print the forms and complete your sections in full and send the forms that require these signatures by email to your Sponsor. They will sign the form and email it back to you in order to submit your completed application package to .




5. Where do I process the payment?

Payment is processed through the online application. Mastercard and Visa are accepted.