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Application Process

​​​​​Applications for vendor privileges must to be submitted to 30 days before the start date of the agreement.  

PLEASE NOTE: Electronic signatures are NOT accepted for the forms mentioned below. You must print, fill in and sign the forms manually.



Complete and sign the Vendor Access Application ​Form. The form must be signed by the Vendor, the Sponsor and the Division Head.



Complete and Sign the UHN Confidentiality Agreement 2016



Complete the Occupational Health and Safety Clearance.



Complete an online application for your vendor privileges. A $100 administrative fee will be applicable to vendors with patient care and training duties. A $1,000 per week fee will be applicable to sales/relationship-building vendors.

Patient Care Duties: Requested/hired by UHN to repair, install or maintain equipment related to patient care. May also attend treatment of patient to help operate equipment.  

Training Duties: Works for a company that has a contract with UHN and has been asked to train UHN employees on their product(s).

Sales/Relationship Building: Comes to UHN from a health care company to build relationships or demonstrate new product(s). 



Scan a copy of your current business card or drivers license.



Provide proof of WSIB Coverage and Liability Insurance. For U.S. and International companies, proof of Workers' Compensation and Liability Insurance is required.


As per new legislated privacy requirements, all authorized guests at UHN, including vendors, must complete the following eLearning module. You must pass the quiz at the end. ​You must send your scanned score to once you have completed the module.

Privacy eLearning Module



Submit all of the above documentation in one email to

Once all documents are received, The Vendor Coordinator will approve or decline the application. If the application is approved, the applicant will receive a Vendor Approval Memo that will outline the terms and conditions of the agreement with UHN.