Application Process

​UHN COVID-19 Guidance for Vendors (external partners):

Due to the current global situation regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), UHN is implementing policies to ensure the safety of patients, staff and all visitors – including external partners – to our sites. External partners must be fully vaccinated and symptom free to be working at UHN.

Select the type of vendor access exactly you will require.  Send your response directly to The Vendor Coordinator will verify and send you a link with the corresponding registration requirements.

Level 1 Vendor - applies to vendors who require direct Patient interaction in all patient care areas at UHN.

Level 2 Vendor - applies to vendors evaluating products, UHN staff training in use of products and other support. No patient interaction in all patient care areas at UHN.

Level 3 Vendor - applies to Construction, Trades, Research Partners, etc. No patient interaction, working in empty rooms in all patient care areas at UHN. For short periods of time (i.e., not greater than 5 business days).

Once all documents are received, including proof of mRNA vaccines received- 2 receipts are required to upload, the Vendor Coordinator will approve or decline the application. If the application is approved, the applicant will receive a Vendor Approval Memo that will outline the terms and conditions of the agreement with UHN. If you have a medical exemption from mRNA vaccines, you must contact the Vendors Office at UHN before being on site. 

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