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The Facilities Management-Planning, Redevelopment & Operations (FM-PRO) Department works behind the scenes of all UHN sites. Together, the team ensures UHN buildings are reliable, comfortable, sustainable and safe, so health care professionals can continue transforming lives and communities through excellence in patient care, research and education.

The FM-PRO Department is responsible for maintaining a clean, comfortable, safe, resilient and sustainable setting across UHN's built environment. The department is made up of nine distinct teams:

This Facilities team ensures the capability and reliability of UHN's critical infrastructure, which includes heating, cooling, ventilation systems, plumbing, electrical distribution, elevators, pneumatic tube and medical gas systems. It is made up of many skilled trades, who make sure all sites are safe and operating as intended.

This team works closely with ​all teams across UHN to reduce site emissions and utility costs by supporting patient care, research and education through sustainable projects and initiatives. The team oversees energy management and carbon reduction, waste management, climate change resiliency, hazardous materials, sustainable transportation, as well as gardens and green space.

A part of Operations, this team plays a critical role in minimizing the risk of microbial contamination and preventing the transmission of infections. They clean and disinfect inpatient rooms, clinical spaces, and public areas across UHN and manage the waste and recycling streams for each site.

A part of Facilities Management, this team oversees leasing activity in third party buildings and on-site retail vendors in food courts, as well as coffee shops and vending across UHN. It also oversees the UHN Printing department, as well as hospital parking and the UHN Shuttle service between Toronto Western and Toronto General Hospitals.

Part of Operations, this team is responsible for getting meals to patients across all UHN inpatient sites. They offer a wide selection of regular and therapeutic diets and work to accommodate all patient needs, while ensuring the right meal gets to the right patient.

These teams oversee planning of all major renovations and new builds across UHN, in alignment with the overall master plan for the organization. Additionally, the teams manage wayfinding throughout UHN sites, planning and use of space, plus major research capital grants for space and equipment. The team also looks after the building operations and maintenance for the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower and Krembil Discovery Tower.

The Redevelopment team oversees all development and construction across UHN sites, including capital expansion, deferred maintenance restorations and environmental remediation. Once the Planning team creates project plans, the Redevelopment team executes the projects, by bringing the plan to life. This team works closely with Clinical and Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) to ensure all sites are compliant and safe.

Made up of hospital assistants, porters, movers, drivers and more, this team transfers patients for tests, procedures, or rehabilitation support within UHN sites and between facilities on University Avenue. They also coordinate inter-site trucking and delivery of specimens, blood products, pharmaceuticals, equipment, MDRD case carts, mail, and medical gases.

This team oversees the educational space at UHN, including the building services and operations at the St. Patrick Street School of Applied Health Sciences, as well as other educational space across UHN.​

More than 1,200 staff make up the Facilities Management — Planning, Redevelopment & Operations Department. Meet some of our team members.

  • Rebecca Repa, Executive Vice President Clinical Support & Performance
  • Ian McDermott, Executive Director, Planning & Integration, Research Facilities
  • Joanne Bridle, Senior Director, Environmental Services, Transportation & Nutrition
  • Vlad Djuric, Director, Building Operations Maintenance
  • Ed Rubinstein, Director, Sustainability & Energy Management
  • Dana Schott, Director of Leasing & Business Operations
  • Erica Tong, Director, Facilities, The Michener Institute of Education
  • Michelle Kirkwood, Director, People & Culture, Corporate Portfolio
  • Shamir Amlani, Director, Finance, Capital and FM-PRO
  • Lori Wilson, Manager, Planning and Implementation
  • Carolyn Allison, Executive Assistant
  • Larissa Cahute, Senior Communications Advisor

  • Jeff Cyril, Manager, Facilities Operations, Toronto General Hospital
  • Pat Mehta, Manager, Facilities Operations, Toronto Western Hospital
  • Arthur Pelszyk, Manager, Facilities Operations, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Gord Wood, Manager, Facilities Operations, Toronto Rehab

  • Lauren Talbot, Property Manager, Leasing
  • Barry Murphy, Manager, Printing
  • Roula Boultadakis, Coordinator, Leasing
  • Robert Reti, Manager, Corporate Finance, FM-PRO

  • Lisa Vanlint, Manager, Environmental Sustainability
  • Michael Kurz, Lead Energy & Innovation
  • Mehdi Motakefpour, Energy Manager
  • Songyang Hu, Energy Manager
  • Radu Ciotirca, Energy Manager
  • Allan Wu, Building Control Specialist
  • Kevin Zhang, Building Control Specialist

  • Yoshiko Nakamachi, Director, Planning & Integration, Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC) Projects, Space Operations, Analytics
  • Harshita Jagadeesh, Manager, Space Management, Wayfinding, Room Bookings
  • Soo-Min Kim, Manager, MAC, Planning & Integration
  • Ryan Bhopalsingh, Director, Planning & Integration, Capital Projects
  • Ramya Kumareswaran, Manager, Project Planning & Integration
  • Lisa Nagel, Manager, Capital Renewal
  • Steven Corfe, Research Facilities Director
  • David Banner, Manager and Implementation
  • Tony Goncalves, Manager, Research Laboratory Services

  • Dmitry Kapustin, Senior Manager, Clinical Projects/Specialized Equipment Team
  • Shireen Ali, Senior Manager, Capital Renewal, Deferred Maintenance
  • David Chan, Manager, Major Specialized Equipment
  • Daniella Goulart, Manager, Clinical Programs
  • Lori Cedano, Manager, Clinical Projects Team

  • Yinny Chen, Manager, Support Services, Toronto Rehab
  • Colin Ashley, Manager, Support Services, Toronto Western Hospital
  • John Lee Gibbons, Manager, Environmental Services, Toronto General Hospital
  • Sandra Macalister, Manager, Transportation, Linen and Mail Services, Toronto General Hospital
  • John Petropoulos, Manager, Support Services, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Laura Bernstein, Manager, Patient Food Services, Toronto General, Toronto Western Hospitals, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Vesna Blazinovic, Manager, Assembly & Transportation, (TG, TW, PM) & Core Catering
  • Randy Hesp, Manager, Patient Food, Toronto Rehab
  • Valerie Mammoliti, Team Lead, Nutrition Applications

  • Erica Tong, Director, Facilities
  • Rick Teasdale, Manager, Building Services​

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