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FM-PRO's Planning & Integration team is working on the expansion of the Ajmera Transplant Centre at Toronto General Hospital to increase UHN's capacity for another 150 life-saving transplants each year.

Already one of North America's largest transplant programs serving 550 communities across Canada, the Ajmera Transplant Centre alone has more than 750 patients on the waitlist. As of January 2022, there were 1,500 people on the waitlist across the province, which means UHN would serve nearly 50 per cent of those in need of an organ in Ontario.

As patient volumes continue to surge, alongside increasingly complex cases, the Ajmera Transplant Centre is in urgent need of upgrades to meet these demands. The current space at TGH is not only short on beds and virtual/remote capabilities, but also lacks a dedicated critical care facility for specialized cases – with the current rooms mostly shared and too small to accommodate critical care equipment.

The planned 28,000 square foot renovation – which is being designed with former patient input – will not only solve these problems, but enable UHN to deliver tomorrow's care.

Blueprint of Transplant ExpansionThe new space will take over the entire 11th floor of TGH and include:

  • A new transplant critical care unit with 30 beds – all in single rooms equipped with:
    • Private washroom
    • Natural daylight
    • Family space
    • Infection control up to isolation room standards
    • Audio/Visual technology so family can be virtually present
  • A high-risk procedure room capable of providing:
    • Imaging technology close to the unit
    • Artificial lung technology (ECLS: Extracorporeal Life Support/ECMO: Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), so patients don't have to be transported into the OR suite
  • Six airborne isolation rooms to protect immunocompromised patients

The expansion also includes a Transplant Day Program on the 12th floor of TGH to improve patient flow and increase capacity.

In addition, the existing specialized Transplant Outpatient Pharmacy will be expanded to accommodate growth and advancements in technology and workflow, to serve this unique patient population.

With UHN's last transplant expansion in 2002, this project will help UHN prepare for never-seen-before patient volumes and increasingly complex and life threatening scenarios – giving patients the life-saving care they need and deserve.

Construction on this project is anticipated to start in 2023.

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