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Toronto General Hospital's Rapid Assessment Centre (RAC) will help UHN end "hallway medicine" in the Greater Toronto Area.

The 9,500 square foot clinic will be dedicated to rapid assessment of patients who visit the Emergency Department (ED) in stable condition or with less severe health issues. The RAC will move patients out of the crowded ED, so that patients aren't treated in the hallway when hospital rooms are full ("hallway medicine"), while reducing wait times. It will also allow clinical staff to better manage patient flow and activity – especially for emergency and severe cases, which will remain in the ED.

Improving patient care

The former Rapid Assessment Centre at the hospital was only 2,500 square feet, yet still triaged 48 per cent of ED patients. The space struggled to manage the patient volume at Toronto General Hospital's ED, which sees 55,000 patients each year.

Since February 2019, FM-PRO's Redevelopment team has been renovating existing storage and office space on the hospital's ground floor for the new and improved RAC.

The renovated space will not only have an open environment with emergency room beds, chairs and exam rooms, but it will meet the needs of a post-pandemic healthcare system. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, the team re-designed the space so it would meet updated Infection Prevention and Control measures, ensuring UHN continues to deliver tomorrow's care.

What you'll find at Toronto General Hospital's new RAC:

  • Eight exam rooms and 11 exam bays
  • Four isolation rooms
  • Six barrier-free washrooms
  • One shower
  • Three nursing stations
  • One lactation room
  • One respite room to accommodate patients experiencing homelessness
  • One staff lounge
  • Four staff workstations
  • One housekeeping closet
  • Glass partitions for patient and staff safety
  • Green space outside the waiting area
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