​Dr. Bob Bell served as President & CEO of UHN from​​ 2005 through 2014. His archived Straight Talk emails t​o staff are below. Read weekly updates from UHN’s current President & CEO

Healthcare Human Factors Analysis of UHN Personal Protective Equipment12/12/2014healthcare_human_factors_analysis_personal_protective_equipment
Last Week's Accreditation11/24/2014last_week_accreditation
Ebola Straight Talk - November 14 - from Kathy Sabo, Susy Hota and Jeff Singh11/14/2014ebola_straight_talk_november_update
Ebola Straight Talk - from Kathy Sabo, Dr. Susy Hota and Dr. Jeff Singh10/31/2014ebola_straight_talk
Privacy Incidents10/30/2014privacy_incidents
PPE and Training in Donning and Doffing of PPE10/23/2014PPE_and_training
Straight Talk on the Minister's announcement today - from Kathy Sabo, Dr. Susy Hota and Dr. Jeff Singh10/17/2014minister_announcement
Ebola Update -  from Kathy Sabo, Susy Hota and Jeff Singh10/16/2014ebola_update
Personal Protective Equipment is the key to treating an Ebola patient10/14/2014key_to_treating_ebola_patient
UHN sees first suspected case of Ebola - from Kathy Sabo, Susy Hota and Jeff Singh10/7/2014uhn_sees_first_suspected_case_Ebola
UHN Statement - Negative Test Result10/4/2014ebola_test_negative
Suspected Ebola Case10/3/2014suspected_Ebola_case
Respecting Patient Privacy9/15/2014respecting_patient_privacy
UHN's International Activities8/25/2014uhn_international_activities
What UHN is Planning for Flu Season - From Justine and Emma7/18/2014UHN_planning_flu_season
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