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Image of Dr. Kevin Smith 

Dr. Kevin Smith, UHN’s President & CEO, communicates regularly with the UHN community. See his weekly reflections sent to all staff beginning May 22, 2018 below. (Note: Updates prior to that date are from our previous Interim President & CEO, Dr. Charlie Chan.)

For more on what's happening at UHN, watch our 2018 Annual General Meeting presentation​.

10/22/2018Some good news regarding Plexxus
10/15/2018Meeting Danielle Kane, a remarkable young woman and also survivor of the Danforth shooting
10/9/2018Sick days and staffing
10/1/2018Some good news about our needed Health Information System journey
9/24/2018Opening a new GIM unit today plus three ways to improve quality of life at UHN
9/17/2018Safety and working together across UHN
9/10/2018More from our Patient Partners and managing conflict of interest at UHN
9/4/2018Seeing our Transplant Program on the big screen
8/27/2018What our Patient Partners are saying about UHN
8/20/2018Thinking about how we show return on investment to our funders and the importance of ethics
8/13/2018Managing heavy rain and flash flooding at UHN
7/30/2018What we’re hearing from the UHN community so far
7/23/2018Reflecting on the tragedy on the Danforth, the role of our Foundations and my encounter outside one of our Emergency Departments
7/19/2018Requesting your input to help shape UHN’s future and a note about our Open Forum
7/16/2018Learning about research at UHN and being on standby for Toronto
7/9/2018Learning about our sites, Open Forum and beyond
7/3/2018On a short track to determining the right Health Information System for UHN’s future, valuing our place of work and more
6/25/2018Announcing the Krembil Brain Institute; our gratitude and best wishes to Deputy Minister Dr. Bob Bell; Administrator-on-Site; diversity and inclusion
6/18/2018Michener’s convocation ceremony, learning about our Foundations and more
6/11/2018The impact of the election, UHN’s AGM (happening tomorrow!) and beyond
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