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Dr. Kevin Smith, UHN’s President & CEO, communicates regularly with the UHN community. See his weekly reflections sent to all staff beginning May 22, 2018 below. (Note: Updates prior to that date are from our previous Interim President & CEO, Dr. Charlie Chan.)

For more on what's happening at UHN, watch our 2018 Annual General Meeting presentation​.

1/17/2022A new interim chief nursing executive, redeployment and additional resources, and more
1/10/2022A New Year's message for TeamUHN, reporting COVID-19 cases in the community, reduction in Scheduled Care, and more
12/20/2021Virtual Open Forum on COVID-19 this week, operations planning for a potential surge in hospital admissions, and more
12/13/2021Virtual Holiday Forum tomorrow, cases of COVID-19 are rising in Ontario, and more
12/6/2021New travel requirements for quarantine and testing, update on Master Planning and Elizabeth Street site
11/29/2021Holiday gatherings at UHN, third dose advocacy for immunocompromised patients, and more
11/22/2021Gathering safely at UHN, Presentation of UHNWomen's Strategic Plan, and more
11/16/2021Third Dose Vaccine Clinic, Committee of the Board meetings, and more
11/8/2021Next Virtual Open Forum, third dose appointment bookings, and more
11/1/2021Toronto Western Hospital receives Distinction in Stroke Services from Accreditation Canada, Outcome of the Mandatory Vaccine Policy Injunction at the Ontario Superior Court, and more
10/25/2021UHN's mandatory vaccination policy went into effect last Friday, Annual Flu Campaign launches this Wednesday, and more
10/18/2021UHN’s mandatory vaccine policy goes into effect Friday, world first drone transport of lungs, and more
10/12/2021Virtual Open Forum on COVID-19 returns Thursday, third doses of COVID-19 vaccine, and more
10/4/2021Mandatory vaccination of Essential Care Partners (ECPs) at UHN, UHN’s Virtual Open Forum on COVID-19 returns, and more
9/27/2021Overview of COVID-19 in Community, Update on UHN’s Outpatient Strategy, Finance Update, and more
9/20/2021Prevalence of the COVID-19 Delta Variant, Update on UHN’s Outpatient Strategy, and more
9/13/2021Remote Work Policy, State of COVID-19 in the GTA and at UHN, and more
9/7/2021Submit proof of vaccination to Health Services including vaccination receipts, Ontario Health Reconvening Provincial COVID-19 Panels, and more
8/16/2021Federal direction on mandatory vaccination, consult the Synapse Readiness & Engagement Forums and update on UHN's work with the United Way
8/9/2021Today UHN’s policy on home testing for COVID-19 takes effect, update on the Help Desk, update on accreditation, and more
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