Welcome to the Pancreas and Islet Transplant Program. Pancreas and islet transplants can be safe and effective ways to treat severe type 1 diabetes, but they are not a good choice for everyone.

A transplant may be a good choice if you:

  • Have severe diabetes that cannot be controlled with usual insulin therapy
  • Have highs and lows for no clear reason
  • Do not recognize when your blood sugar is dangerously low (hypoglycemic unawareness)

You may benefit from one of these kinds of transplants:

  • A whole-organ pancreas transplant – an operation to put a healthy pancreas from a donor into your body.
  • An islet transplant – a procedure to inject healthy islets from a donor's pancreas into your liver. Islets contain the cells that make insulin.

After a transplant, your new pancreas or islets will begin to make insulin in response to your blood sugar levels. As your blood sugar control improves, you may no longer need daily shots of insulin.

Our team is dedicated to helping patients through every stage of a successful transplant, offering transplant services to patients with even the most complex medical conditions. We provide exceptional patient care and achieve excellent results for recipients and donors nationwide.

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Pancreas & Islet Transplant Program
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