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Liver and Pancreas Surgical Clinics:
Liver and Pancr​eas, (HPB) Surgical Program
Referral Fax line: 1 866 547 1866
Phone: 416 340 4400

What We Do

The Liver and Pancreas Surgical Team specializes in treating Hepatobiliary (HPB) Cancers occurring in the liver, pancreas and bile duct.

The HPB surgeons participate in the McCain Multi-disciplinary Clinic for Pancreatic Cancer. The HPB surgeons also hold individual weekly clinics for all other non-pancreas cancer related patients. See also: McCain Multi-disciplinary Clinic for Pancreatic Cancer »

How to Get Referred

All patients must be referred by a physician.

  • Pancreas Cancer referrals should be sent directly to the McCain Pancreas Clinic.
  • All other liver and pancreas surgical referrals can be sent to the HPB referral fax line, 1 866 547 1866. The surgeon on call will review and triage referrals. Your doctor can also direct the referral to a specified surgeon. Download the HPB referral form (PDF).

Referral Information for Physicians

For complete referral instructions, read the guide for referring physicians.

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          The Team

          The Liver and Pancreas Surgical Team is comprised of six physicians specializing in the surgical treatment of HPB cancers.

          Medical students, residents and fellows also may be part of our team. Learn more about health care professional trainees at UHN.



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