​​​​​The UHN Liver Transplant Program offers Specialized Transplant Programs, which may help you have a liver transplant sooner.


Living Donor Programs

Our Living Donor Liver Transplant Program is the busiest and most experienced in Canada. The program offers liver recipients (people who get a liver transplant) the opportunity to live happier and healthier lives through the generosity of healthy living donors who wish to donate a part of their liver to someone with end-stage liver disease. Patients who receive a living liver donor usually have a shorter wait time for a transplant and avoid the risk of disqualification or death while waiting for a transplant. The outcomes of live liver transplants are excellent and just as good as deceased donor transplants.

For people wishing to donate a liver (become a living donor)​​, our program's priority is donor safety. The option of living donation is only offered if we believe the donor is healthy and this gift of life will help the intended recipient.

Deceased Donor Programs (donation after cardiac death)

Our program performs the largest amount of liver transplants using deceased donor livers recovered after the heart has stopped beating. This option expands the potential pool of donor livers for patients on our waiting list. The outcomes of this program are excellent and are the same to the results of live donor liver transplants and other types of deceased donor liver transplants.​​

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