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Welcome to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre​ –​ UHN's Divison of Cardiovascular Surgery. We specialize in all aspects of heart surgery and are one of the largest open heart surgery centres in the country. Our team performs approximately 1,500 heart operations a year, and many of the treatments/surgeries we ​do are available only at UHN. Our goal is to help you and your family cope successfully with your diagnosis and treatment. We will consult with you at all stages so that you know what to expect and how to deal with each step along the way.


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Your heart is an amazing organ. Learn everything you need to know about your heart​ »​

Meet Our Team

Heart surgeons specialize in diagnosing and treating heart disorders. Meet the expert team of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, UHN’s heart program, who collaborate with other surgical experts in our program to make UHN among the top h​​eart surgery centres in North America.

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The Division of Cardiovascular Surgery offers specialized clinics and inpatient units.

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Our team performs some of the most complex surgeries in Canada. Find out how to prepare and what to expect during and after your hospital stay:

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Visit our Health Information section and find dedicated resources to help you understand your condition and learn more about your surgery. Find the information​ you are looking for.


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