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About the Sexual Health Clinic (SHC)​​​​​

The Sexual Health Clinic provides treatment for the cancer-related sexual health concerns. The SHC is dedicated to assisting cancer patients/couples in re-establishing optimal sexual function, intimacy, and satisfaction.
After a cancer diagnosis or cancer treatment many patients will experience a wide range of both physical and psychosocial symptoms of sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction, problems with orgasm, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, sexual pain, early menopause, loss of sexual desire, body image concerns, sexual performance anxiety, relationship issues, and losses in feelings of masculinity, femininity, and sexual identity. The SHC combines the benefits of both virtual and in-person care to provide treatment for these cancer-related sexual health concerns. Our multidisciplinary team includes sexual medicine physicians, psychologists, nurses and sexual health counsellors.

How do I access the SHC?​​​​​

To attend the Sexual Health Clinic you need to:

  • Be a Princess Margaret cancer patient, and
  • Be referred to the SHC by your Princess Margaret healthcare team

You can request a referral to the SHC at any point during your cancer journey (pre-treatment, during treatment, post-treatment).​

SHC Location

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (Directions)
610 University Avenue
5th floor, Warren-Connelly Palliative Care Clinic
Toronto, ON
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Hours & Contact

Fridays 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
For questions or referrals please contact the SHC at SHC@uhn.ca or call 416 946 4501 Ext.2598 ​


Last reviewed: 12/11/2022
Last modified: 11/9/2023 5:09 AM
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