Princess Margaret Dietitians publish Cookbook 'Goes Down Easy: Recipes to help you cope with the challenge of eating during cancer treatment'

Cover of 'Goes Down Easy' cookbookMore and more people’s lives are being touched by cancer – perhaps yours, a family member’s, a friend’s or a neighbour’s. Good nutrition during treatment is key to maintaining strength and energy and to aiding recovery.

Cookbook author Elise Mecklinger worked closely with a team of 6 registered dietitians at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, led by Daniela Fierini, to develop the recipes for 'Goes Down Easy' – the first cookbook of its kind in Canada. Inspired by patients’ requests for easy recipes to deal with certain nutrition problems, 'Goes Down Easy' is a practical guide for people living with cancer, their families and their caregivers. Some of the questions patients ask most often are: What should I eat? What should I avoid eating? How will I manage meals? This book addresses these questions as well as challenges such as loss of appetite, nausea, taste changes, and more.

The beautifully designed 'Goes Down Easy' cookbook, which contains over 100 recipes, is organized by symptom so you can easily find the recipes you need. Each chapter includes:

  • Advice from dietitians at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre specializing in cancer
  • A sample meal plan
  • Suggestions for maintaining weight and strength, for keeping well hydrated and for ensuring meal plans include enough calories, protein and fluid

Because cancer patients may experience extreme fatigue, the recipes are simple and don’t require special ingredients, extra shopping or lots of preparation time.

Last reviewed: 9/28/2023
Last modified: 10/2/2023 12:58 PM
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