There is a lot of information about cancer out there. Sometimes trying to sift through it all can be overwhelming. If you are looking for something specific, or if you are overwhelmed by the amount of information you find when you start looking, the librarian can help you.

You can ask the librarian to search for health information about the topic you want to know about. To request an information search, you need to fill out a form (PDF). The form asks you questions about yourself and about the kind of information you’re looking for. The form also asks how you want the information delivered – by email or in person (you can pick it up at the Patient & Family Library).

There are two ways to submit a search form:

Getting information through the Ask a Librarian service can save you a lot of time, but it can be a good option for other reasons. When you look for information online you may find websites that are inaccurate or out of date. It can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between those sites and more reliable ones. Our librarian is trained in searching for information and will give you information only from reputable, accurate sources.

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