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Cancer is a complex disease. Cancer requires a team of experts to provide care, rather than a single doctor. Team members all work together to ensure you get the best possible care.

Which team members you see will depend on:

  • the type of cancer you have
  • your treatment plan
  • the type of visit (for example, a visit to have blood drawn)
Team members that most patients will meet
Oncologists (Cancer Doctors)
Most Responsible Physician (MRP)
Medical Fellows
Oncology Nurses
Nurse Practitioner (NP)
Medical Trainees
Radiation Therapists
Patient Flow Coordinator
Team members that patients may meet

These team members may only see patients depending on the type of cancer they have, their treatment plan, and the type of visit. Patients may need a referral from their doctor to see some of these team members.

Social Worker
Medical Imaging Technologist
Occupational Therapist
Speech-Language Pathologist
Spiritual Care Professional
Team members who you may not meet

These members work with others in your team and play an important part in your care.

Medical Physicist
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