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​​The Princess Margaret Allied Health Team is part of the larger Allied Health Department at the University Health Network. Our strong, cohesive group of professionals is​ dedicated to health and healing for the mind, body and spirit and provides seamless, integrated and interprofessional care that enables healing to happen. Our staff works collaboratively with physicians, nurses and other members of the healthcare team to transform and advance patient care, education and research locally and internationally.

​We understand that education, life-long learning and research drive best-practice and evidence-based clinical care. Our culture of learning is collaborative and supported through a mentoring program and shared educational resources within professions.

Allied Health staff are engaged in research to further enhance quality care. Research initiatives include small, local projects driven by immediate clinical practice issues and large international collaborations that address emerging questions in our areas of clinical strength.

Through a blend of independent, unique professional knowledge and skills and interdependent teamwork, our anesthesia assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, registered dietitians, respiratory therapists, social workers, speech-language pathologists and spiritual caregivers bring creative ideas and care that meet the specific needs of patients and their families, in their particular context. Our dedicated team of interdisciplinary allied health professionals nurtures a forward-looking, visionary culture that aims to continually strengthen and support the work of allied health professionals across disciplines and in the Princess Margaret clinics and inpatient units where they work.

Last reviewed: 1/12/2023
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