​​​The Lung Site Group at Princess Margaret is one of the largest inter-professional groups of its kind in North America. Our clinic provides medical, radiation and surgical care to patients with lung cancers (both non-small-cell and small cell) and other thoracic malignancies, including mesothelioma and thymoma.

Our cutting-edge treatment options and technology and our highly skilled inter-professional team mean that our patients receive world-class care across all our programs. From diagnosis and treatment planning and delivery through to survivorship or palliative care, our centre continuously strives to ensure that we are setting the standard for best practices in managing patients with lung cancer using personalized approaches.

We have been sharing our expertise in high-tech radiotherapy with other centres in Ontario by offering continuing education courses and opening our doors to radiotherapy teams from other centres. Our Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Program was the first in Canada to treat patients with lung cancer and continues to provide expertise and care to patients, with the expectation of excellent local control and minimal side effects. The integration of another technological advance, volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) in 2010 has allowed quicker and more efficient delivery of these high ablative doses of radiation.

Our internationally recognized Medical Oncology Program offers a range of Phase I, II and III clinical trials of novel therapies in lung cancer.​​

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