​​​​​​​The Gynecologic Site Group at Princess Margaret aims to continuously advance the frontiers of clinical and translational research. Using a multidisciplinary approach, and placing great emphasis on research and development of novel anticancer agents, we provide innovative treatment and management in medical, radiation and surgical oncology; thanks to the support of our patients, patients family and The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Ours is one of the largest gynecologic cancer clinical trials groups in Canada, consistently enrolling over 25% of all patients seen into clinical trials (more than 100 per year). Our team has a unique depth and breadth of clinical and research expertise across Phase I, II and III trials. At any one time, we attempt to have 10 to 14 open trials actively enrolling patients. This depth of research has resulted in many publications and presentations at national and international meetings. Studies have included a variety of targeted agents, administered as single agents, in combination with other targeted agents or as cytotoxic agents.

The Gynecologic Site Group continues to actively pursue studies of novel targeted anti-cancer agents that could affect pathways that may be important in the molecular biology of gynecologic malignancies. We have major new research initiatives underway exploring immunotherapy, new ways of targeting cancer and new ways of delivering targeted agents. We are also studying the potential of systematically looking at identifying genetic mutations and markers for each patient that may improve treatment selection.

Any patients can be referred for potential clinical trial options to this email: PM-GyneClinicalTrials@uhn.ca. Do not hesitate to contact us by email for trial options.

Open Clinical Trials

Last reviewed: 10/9/2023
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