The Princess Margaret Cancer Education Strategy 2020-2025 reflects the core role education plays in improving access to cancer care and the quality of care provided. The strategy leverages the vision for Education set out in the UHN Education Strategic Plan: Teaching and Learning for a Healthier World, and the Princess Margaret Cancer Program Strategic Plan: Future Care Now. The work of Cancer Education is guided and cross-cut by the following:

  • Education Science & Learning
  • Technology & Artificial Intelligence
  • Health Literate Care
  • Implementation Science

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Five Pillars

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Forge cancer care teams of the future, now.

  • Build transformative enrichment educational opportunities for trainees and staff through interprofessional education
  • Equip patients, families, communities and the public to partner in their care across the continuum of cancer
  • Create a collaborative integrated physical education space
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Advance cancer care through the convergence of education and research.

  • Innovate through education research and applied implementation
  • Foster strategic global alliances
  • Harness data science and learning analytics to advance cancer care
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Champion health literacy through socially accountable education.

  • Promote equity and reduce health disparities through education and education research
  • Develop and test targeted interventions to mitigate gaps in care
  • Utilize person-centred design to maximize impact of digital education
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Harness technology to inform new cultures of learning.

  • Amplify educational innovations and programs as global public goods
  • Leverage technology to train for real-world practice and the changing healthcare landscape
  • Enhance our education and knowledge mobilization capabilities
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Lead and collaborate globally in cancer education.

  • Leverage networks to foster reciprocal learning opportunities
  • Engage alumni in lifelong relationships with The Princess Margaret
  • Develop global leaders through informative, formative and transformative education

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