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Over its almost 70-year history, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has been dedicated to research and innovation in cancer control and to delivering excellence in patient care. The growing global dimensions of cancer control have also motivated our commitment to advancing global cancer control through education, research, and knowledge translation in global oncology. The Princess Margaret Global Cancer Program aims to be an academic centre in global oncology by working together with our international partners to improve health, achieve equity in cancer care, and train the next generation of cancer leaders. Through the creation of synergy between departments at Princess Margaret, and with our international partners, the program will enhance efficiencies and global impact.

Differences in health systems create a diverse problem set, where an innovation in one setting offers a solution in another. The Global Cancer Program will create channels to support initiatives that facilitate international collaboration, global multi-directional knowledge transfer, and effective partnerships for cancer care innovations. These initiatives aim to embed a global perspective into work across the cancer centre to have our clinicians, investigators, and scientists working toward universal access to cancer services and the elimination of cancer disparities.

Program Vision and Mission

Global Oncology Strategy Document cover page Global Cancer Program Strategy 2020-2025

The Global Cancer Program 2020-2025 Strategy outlines the foundational pillars of the program, strategic priorities, and milestones to be achieved by 2025.

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The vision of the Princess Margaret Global Cancer Program is to address growing disparities in cancer treatment within our own communities and internationally to improve health and to achieve equity in cancer care for all people worldwide.

The mission is to develop a program in global health and oncology that builds global capacity to deliver cancer services,​​ conduct research with global impact, train the next generation of international cancer leaders, and mobilize our community to engage in collective action to advance global cancer control. ​



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Email pmglobalcancer@uhn.ca for more information a​bout the Princess Margaret Global Cancer Program.​​


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The Global Cancer Program is inviting new members who have an interest and/or devote a portion of their work in education, research and/or program development in global oncology.

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