​​The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre has received international recognition for its scientific contributions on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with aortic and mitral valve diseases. Diseases of the aortic and mitral valves are a leading cause of heart failure, yet the etiology and molecular mechanisms of these diseases are not well understood. 

The PMCC is propelling research to bring together our world-renowned clinical program with experts in biomedical research at Toronto General Research Institute and the University of Toronto. This initiative will promote multidisciplinary care by teams of cardiac surgeons, cardiologists and medical imaging physicians to enable coordinated delivery of the most advanced therapies in the world. It will develop the basic and clinical research programs necessary to advance our understanding of heart valve pathologies, test new therapeutic modalities and investigate the genetic basis of these disorders. The synergies created will establish PMCC as a world authority in the clinical and basic science of heart valve diseases and this synergy will benefit thousands of patients in Canada and around the world.  

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