Pregnant with a heart condition: A challenge for mother and fetus
Laura Markovic and her baby

​​​​​​​Laura Markovic is now back at work following her maternity leave and has resumed a lower-intensity, active lifestyle.

Laura Markovic discovered she had a heart rhythm disorder at age 33, a diagnosis that she says "flipped my life upside down"

Laura Markovic has almost always been on the move. "I've played competitive soccer since I was four. I was on my high school's volleyball, field hockey, ski and soccer teams. I had backpacked through 32 countries and all seven continents before the age of 33."

Even welcoming her first baby into the world in 2011 did little to slow Ms. Markovic down.

"I worked out regularly and walked the dog with my daughter 10 kilometres a day."

Then in 2013, everything careened to a stop. "I went from being a very active person to a couch potato in one day," says the wife and mother from Bowmanville, Ont.

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