Life-Saving Devices
Ascyrus Medical Dissection,TAVIs, and LVAD
The Ascyrus Medical Dissection Stent can be used during complicated surgeries. TAVIs save lives by replacing diseased valves. The LVAD is a metal pump that helps the heart do its job.

They restore hope and confidence, and they give people a second chance at life, but these devices aren't cheap.

"Saving lives does not wait for coverage," says Dr. Thomas Forbes, R. Fraser Elliott Chair in Vascular Surgery, Division Head of Vascular Surgery, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, UHN Sprott Department of Surgery. This mantra is critical, especially when it comes to the many mechanical devices doctors implant on an almost regular basis. Since the 1990s, the Centre has been outfitting patients with devices that drastically improve their quality of life, but if it weren't for philanthropy, surgeons wouldn't always have access to these costly pieces of equipment. While the government eventually covers some of the cost, it's because of donors that the Centre's team can perform such complex operations. "We don't turn anybody down for surgery," says Dr. Forbes. This sense of responsibility has become synonymous with the Centre's global identity, and it's also why it's routinely chosen to provide cutting-edge equipment for patients who need it most.

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