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Dr. Anthony Lang 

About Dr. Anthony Lang

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Dr. Anthony E. Lang, MD, FRCPC was trained in Medicine and Neurology at the University of Toronto. He subsequently completed a clinical research fellowship with Professor C.D. Marsden at King's College Hospital and the Institute of Psychiatry in London, England. In 1982 he returned to Toronto where he subsequently developed the Movement Disorders Clinic at the Toronto Western Hospital (TWH). He is currently professor in the Department of Medicine (Neurology) at the University of Toronto, director of the Morton and Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Clinic at TWH, the Jack Clark Chair for Parkinson's Disease Research at the University of Toronto, the Lily Safra Chair in Movement Disorders at the University Health Network, director of the University Health Network and the University of Toronto Edmond J. Safra Program in Parkinson's Disease and is the director of the Division of Neurology at the University of Toronto. His research has involved all aspects of Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders with over 550 peer-reviewed publications in leading medical journals. He was one of the founding members of the Parkinson Study Group as well as the international Movement Disorder Society and has served on the executives of both groups. Dr. Lang is currently the co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal Movement Disorders.

Dr. Gabor Kovacs  

About Dr. Gabor Kovacs

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Dr. Gabor Kovacs is a Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto and in the Department of Medicine/Division of Neurology, a Consultant Neuropathologist at the Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) at the University Health Network (UHN) and a Principal Investigator at the Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Disease. He is also a Senior Scientist at the Krembil Brain Institute, a Faculty member of the Edmond J. Safra Program in Parkinson's Disease and the Co-Director of The Rossy Program for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Research (UHN). Dr. Kovacs completed his medical training at the Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary) where he specialized in Neurology (1998) and Neuropathology (2003) and obtained a PhD in Neuroscience (2002). From 2004 to 2007, Dr. Kovacs was the Head of the Department of Neuropathology at the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Budapest, Hungary. From 2007 to 2019, he was an Associate Professor at the Institute of Neurology at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. He was the leader of the Hungarian (2004-2019) and Austrian (2011-2019) Reference Center for Human Prion Diseases. Dr. Kovacs has also trained at Indiana University (2007) and the University of Pennsylvania (2016 and 2017) as a visiting professor/scholar.

Dr. Susan Fox 

About Dr. Susan Fox

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Dr. Susan Fox, BM, ChB, MRCP(UK), PhD, has been a Neurologist at UHN since 2003, is Associate Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic, Toronto Western Hospital and Professor of Neurology, University of Toronto. She did her medical and neurological training in the UK and received her PhD from University of Manchester, UK. Dr. Fox has held various leadership roles including secretary of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS) (2017-19); chair-elect of the Pan-American section of the MDS (2019-21); chair of the MDS evidence-based medicine committee (2013-18); and Fellowship Director for the University of Toronto, Division of Neurology (2004-13). She has served on many grant review committees, journal editorial boards and advisory boards, and has been chair of the medical advisory committee for Parkinson Canada since 2015. Dr. Fox has over 20 years of experience in preclinical models of Parkinson's disease and translational studies of novel pharmacological therapies for Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders such as dystonia. She has published over 160 peer-reviewed papers, reviews and book chapters in the field and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences.

Dr. Carmela Tartaglia 

About Dr. Carmela Tartaglia

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Dr. Carmela Tartaglia is an associate professor at the University of Toronto. She received her medical degree from McGill University, completed her residency at the University of Western Ontario and did three years of clinical/research fellowship in Cognitive/Behavioral neurology at the University of California, San Francisco Memory and Aging Center. She maintains a cognitive/behavioral clinic within the UHN Memory Clinic where she sees patients with neurodegenerative diseases with a focus on frontotemporal lobar degeneration-related syndromes. As well, she is interested in the delayed effects of concussions and sees patients with post-concussion syndrome and those with multiple concussions who are at risk of developing a neurodegenerative disease. She holds the Marion and Gerald Soloway Chair in Brain Injury and Concussion Research. She uses novel imaging techniques in conjunction with proteomics, pathology and genetics to better diagnose and understand the pathological substrates that cause cognitive, behavioral and motoric dysfunction. She runs parallel biomarker discovery programs in frontotemporal lobar degeneration and post-concussion syndrome. The ultimate goal of her research program is to develop biomarkers for early detection of disease so as to provide early treatments to her patients.

Dr. Naomi Visanji 

About Dr. Naomi Visanji

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Dr. Naomi Visanji is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, an Affiliate Scientist at the Krembil Research Institute Division of Experimental & Translational Neuroscience and Principal Investigator at the Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Her research focuses on the use of postmortem human tissues and transgenic mice to probe the pathobiology of neurodegenerative disease-associated proteins. She received her BSc Hons (1st class) in Neuroscience from the University of Nottingham (UK) and completed her PhD in Pharmacology at Kings College London (UK). She has published over 50 peer-reviewed publications and has an H Index of 29. She is also a Senior Scientist at Rosetta Therapeutics, a University of Toronto/MaRS Innovation UTEST startup developing new molecular matter as leads for the cure of neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Visanji leads the in vivo research arm of the Rossy Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Centre at the Krembil Research Institute and the Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Her research goals are to generate a sophisticated animal model that recapitulates the full spectrum of pathology exhibited in PSP to study anatomic and cytopathologic diversity in PSP, identify factors that contribute to the etiology of PSP and provide a platform for future testing of novel therapeutics.

Dr. Antonio Strafella 

Dr. Antonio Strafella


Dr. Antonio Strafella is a Krembil-Rossy Chair in Molecular Imaging of Neurodegenerative Diseases, Professor in the Dept. of Medicine (Division of Neurology) at the Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network, University of Toronto. He is a Senior Scientist at the Krembil Brain Institute at the University Health Network, and a Senior Scientist at the Brain Health Imaging Centre at CAMH (Centre for Addiction Mental Health). He is also a faculty member of the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. Dr. Strafella is the Chair of the Neuroimaging Study Group of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society and serves on the Advisory Board of the CIHR-Institutes of Neuroscience, Mental Health & Addiction (INMHA) and Board Directors of Parkinson Canada. The focus of his research is on Parkinson's disease and atypical parkinsonism using advanced neuroimaging technology and novel PET radio-ligands. Dr. Strafella's research studies have been funded by several granting agencies including CIHR, CFI, Parkinson Society Canada (now Parkinson Canada), National Parkinson Foundation-US, Parkinson Disease Foundation-US (now The Parkinson's Foundation), Tourette Syndrome Association-US, E. J. Safra Foundation, Ontario Gambling Research Centre and the Canada Research Chair Program. Dr. Strafella serves on various scientific boards and is a member of grant review panels at national (CIHR committees; Parkinson Canada) and international levels (Michael J. Fox Foundation, The Parkinson's Foundation-USA; NIH and others).

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