Objectives & Evaluation


You will work with at least one staff physician on the TWH Palliative Care Consult Service, and at least one staff physician at Kensington Hospice.


During the first several days of your rotation,

  • Think of 2 – 3 specific learning objectives for your palliative care rotation.
  • Discuss these objectives with your staff physician.

This will allow us to best match your clinical work to your objectives.

Your Evaluation

Your rotation evaluation will be completed by the staff physician with whom you worked the most during the rotation. However, they will consult with other physicians to complete this evaluation.


Program Evaluation

During your rotation and especially at your evaluation, please let us know of any way you think our rotation experience can be improved for future learners.

When you come to completing your evaluation on POWER, please fill out evaluations on as many of the physicians as possible. This is very helpful for improving our service for future learners.


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