Objectives & Evaluation


For learners doing a rotation longer than 2 weeks, you will be assigned a preceptor at the beginning of your rotation with whom you should meet at the start, in the middle and at the end of your rotation.

Even though you will have an identified preceptor, you are expected to work with all the staff available on service at the time of your rotation. This will give you a wide breadth of different teaching styles.

You are highly encouraged to see as many new consults as possible through the course of your rotation.


Program-specific objectives are used for evaluation and can be used to guide your experience, but individual objectives can be especially valuable to focus your learning experience.

At the beginning of your rotation:

  • Document 3 or more specific objectives. You can select from the existing program objectives or develop your own. If you are selecting from the existing objectives, you should choose areas on which to focus.
  • Review your specific objectives with your preceptor and other staff as relevant during your first week on rotation, at the mid-rotation discussion and in your final evaluation.


Your feedback

During your rotation,​ and especially at your evaluation, please let us know of any way you think our rotation experience can be improved for future learners. Please try to fill out our short evaluation sheet and use this to guide your discussion with your preceptor.

When you come to completing your evaluation on POWER, please fill out evaluations on as many of the physicians as possible. This is very helpful for improving our service for future learners.

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