​​​​What is a Personalized Learning Program™?

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The Personalized Learning Program (PLP) is a fully customizable, observership-based program designed to meet your learning goals and objectives. No 2 PLPs are exactly the same! Through the PLP, we are able to leverage various resources and expertise throughout UHN and combine multiple programs that would aligns with your professional development goals, if applicable. We work closely with host program(s) and learners to develop an Education Plan, outlining the details and activities of the PLP. Coaching and mentoring time as well as education opportunities (rounds, journal clubs, workshops, etc.) will be scheduled as needed. This opportunity will give you the chance to network with other health care professionals in your field and build relationships. At the end of the PLP, learners will receive UHN-Michener Certificate of Completion.

Why choose the PLP?

  • Tailored approached to continuing education and Professional Development
  • Learn about new and unique innovations at UHN
  • Exposure the Canadian Health care
  • Network with leaders in health care
  • Access to UHN education resources
  • Simulation-Based Training (if applicable)
  • Mentoring and Reflection Time
  • Continuing Education courses at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (additional fees may apply)

Application Process &​ Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the PLP at UHN. International PLPs will resume on July 01, 2022. You can reach us at to discuss further or for any PLP related questions or concerns.

The duration of the program can vary from one week to a maximum of three months. Potential candidates are requested to apply three months before their preferred start date.

​​​Online Application (A Non-Refundable Fee of $100 is required) must include:

  • Learning objectives
  • C​urrent Resume
  • One Reference Letter – From current/most recent employer or another (non-family member) source

Applicants must also be available for an in-person or Skype interview (with video) PLPs are delivered in English only. All applicants must demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English. Interpreters cannot be used for educational purposes during a PLP.

Timelines and Post-Acceptance Requirements

Potential candidates should allow approximately three weeks for processing from the time they submit their application. Once the application has been reviewed by UHN ICE, the candidate will be contacted for their PLP interview.

All successful candidates will be expected to be vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella, and varicella (chickenpox). Candidates will be asked to complete a UHN Self Screen Health Evaluation Form.

For more information about the PLP and program fees please email uhnice​

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