Research and Innovation

Occupational Therapists, Oral hygieneOccupational therapists (OT) are involved in a wide variety of research at UHN. For example, OTs were involved in a multi-site international project that examined time spent working on various interventions for clients with traumatic brain injury and outcomes (Dr. Nora Cullen, researcher, Toronto Rehab).

OTs have also been involved with a nephrologist focusing on the geriatric populations and the complex issues these clients face with renal and/or dialysis related issues (Dr. Vanita Jassal and OT Janine Farragher). Another example is the work of OTs on the transplant team focusing on the complex issues of return to work after an organ transplant (OT Naz Nour).

OTs are also involved as consultants to research teams. Groups of OTs have been involved in the development of a therapeutic robot (Dr. Alex Mihailidis, researcher, Toronto Rehab).

Each year therapists supervise student research projects to examine questions of interest to our practice or to evaluate outcomes, such as the evaluation of the occupational therapy role on the oncology program at the Toronto Rehab - University Centre (Jennifer Soong, Young-En Russell, Haidee Law, Margaret Liu, Stacey Marshall and Debbie Hebert, OT researchers, Toronto Rehab).

As well, we have several researchers at UHN who are occupational therapists. Angela Colantonio holds the Saunderson Family Chair in acquired brain injury and has worked for 15 years examining the prolonged consequences of acquired brain injury.​​​

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