​In considering Medical Imaging as a possible career, potential students can choose from several specialties:

  • X-ray, for which students can study general radiography or specialize (after graduation) in CT, breast imaging or angiography/interventional radiology
  • Nuclear medicine and PET
  • MRI, which is a post-diploma program (techs complete additional training after completing x-ray or nuclear medicine)
  • Ultrasound (post diploma program)

At the Joint Department of Medical Imaging we provide firsthand training to students entering the Medical Imaging profession as a technologist or ultra-sonographer.

Our clinical coordinators are specialized in various clinical services, including x-ray, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and MRI, and they play a key role in overseeing students’ education and the provision of patient care. Our clinical coordinators also participate in ongoing academic and professional development activities, courses and programs to enrich and enhance their skills and knowledge.

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