About Certified Hyperbaric Technologists

​​​Hyperbaric controller Champber PictureThe Toronto General Hospital ​provides hyperbaric oxygen treatments to patients suffering from a variety of illnesses. Most commonly encountered conditions include compromised wounds, delayed radiation injuries, chronic bone infection and also exposure to carbon monoxide.

Acute care for hyperbaric emergencies is offered around the clock, every day of the year. The unit also operates a busy outpatient clinic Monday to Friday that annually conducts close to 2,000 hyperbaric treatments.

The Hyperbaric Medicine Unit is located on the ground floor of the Toronto General Hospital and is easily accessible from all clinics and to all patients.

Patients are welcomed by one of our trained technicians and assisted in preparation for their treatment. They will receive 30 to 40 treatments depending on their treatment protocol, which will usually include one treatment a day for possibly 6 to 8 weeks.

The centre must have qualified personnel to manage its patients and operate its hyperbaric chambers. The hyperbaric chamber itself, the air-compressors and pressurized gas systems are special devices that require complex manipulation. Technicians are trained to operate mono-place (single person) and or multi-place (multiple persons) chambers. There are multiple levels of proficiency that chamber technicians must achieve. 

Gaining board certification as a certified hyperbaric technologist (CHT) may take years of academic and practical training that will account for the various types of hyperbaric equipment and the management of patients.


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