Collaborative Academic Practice (CAP) is an evolving portfolio that has brought together Nursing and the Health Professions under the leadership of Pam Hubley, Vice President & Chief Nurse Executive. Our work is deliberately driven by UHN's strategic priorities and well-aligned with clinical operations. As members of the CAP portfolio, we take our responsibility to contribute to excellence in UHN's work environments for clinicians, as well as for the patient and family experience of care, very seriously. CAP is firmly rooted in the strength and contribution that each profession brings to the whole and our operating plan serves as a roadmap for academic practice through connecting knowledge to care. Knowledge is generated through research and innovation and we are committed to building an environment that supports clinicians to lead or participate in the generation of new knowledge.

CAP's work is grounded in the following guiding principles:

  • Embed 'Patients as Partners' in all we do
  • Collaborate inter-professionally and across portfolios
  • Acknowledge that our work at the clinical practice-operations interface is most impactful
  • Create and sustain quality work environments where staff and leaders are supported and encouraged to take care of 'self'
  • Ensure that health equity informs our work
  • Use scientific research and leading practices to guide decision-making
  • Innovate and, whenever possible, collaborate to create synergies with our system partners
  • Believe there is a dual need for profession-specific care, education and research as well as an interprofessional focus and capacity building
  • Know that collaborative decision-making occurs with patients, families, and clinical staff at the point of care
  • Are confident that 'clinical best practice and technology partnerships' can transform the care experience and support communication of clinician sensitive outcomes
  • Lead innovative system change along the continuum of care and across health care sectors
  • Conduct deep respectful teambuilding work among ourselves and our staff by having courageous conversations, being open to different views and perspectives, role modelling desired behaviours and playing to one another's strengths, as well as supporting one another in our individual professional developmental journey.

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