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11/25/2019Patients with chronic dizziness achieving better outcomes with one-of-a-kind-in-Canada treatment approach
11/14/2019Turning ‘junk’ DNA into gold
10/21/2019Canadian blood supply system just became safer because of landmark study at UHN
10/15/2019UHN Research in the spotlight at first-ever ‘Science in the 6ix’ event
10/10/2019Novel approach to treating hepatitis C infected lungs opens the door to desperately needed organ transplants
10/4/2019Renowned Canadian cardiologist using AI to answer ticking time bomb
10/3/2019Old drug, new tricks, provides hope for patients with polycystic kidney disease
10/1/2019The Slaight Family Foundation enables UHN to change the way we deliver care to seniors – and it will happen outside the hospital
8/13/2019Scientists discover the critical role played by gut immune cells in obesity-related insulin resistance
7/15/2019Krembil Brain Institute acquires revolutionary laser ablation system for brain cancer, epilepsy
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