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8/13/2019Scientists discover the critical role played by gut immune cells in obesity-related insulin resistance
7/15/2019Krembil Brain Institute acquires revolutionary laser ablation system for brain cancer, epilepsy
7/2/2019Concussion rates are nearly double what we thought – and summer is prime injury time
5/28/2019Millions of women in low-and middle-income countries will need radiotherapy for cervical cancer treatment despite vaccination 
5/14/2019Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Complications Post-Surgery Doubles for Patients with Severe Sleep Apnea
4/18/2019Is it time to ‘change the course’ in Parkinson’s research?
4/16/2019Paired living liver donation offers liver failure patients a new option 
4/2/2019President of the State of Israel unveils groundbreaking holoscope technology at UHN
3/25/2019UHN Statement on Patient Privacy
3/21/2019Toronto General Hospital recognized in world’s Top-10 ranking
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