​​(Toronto, Feb. 1, 2024) University Health Network (UHN), Canada's No. 1 hospital and a leading health care institution dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and advancing biomedical research, and YouTube Health, a global initiative committed to making high quality health information available, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at delivering timely, reliable and accurate health information to Canadians.

With this collaboration, UHN and YouTube Health seek to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. The partnership will leverage UHN's expertise in health care and YouTube Health's commitment to delivering trustworthy content to create a comprehensive platform that addresses the diverse health needs of the Canadian population, from coast to coast to coast.

We are pleased to unveil the launch of our first collaboration - a series of 31 French language videos:

Key highlights of the partnership include:

Accessible & Authoritative Information: Through a user-friendly platform, Canadians will have access to a wealth of health information validated by UHN's medical and research experts, ensuring that users can confidently navigate a variety of health topics with accuracy and ease.

Multi-Platform Content Delivery: The collaboration will utilize various channels in addition to YouTube, including online and social media platforms, to disseminate valuable health information. This multi-platform approach aims to reach a broad audience and bridge gaps in health literacy across a variety of demographics.

Tailored Approach: The partnership will prioritize the creation of content that addresses the unique health concerns of Canadians. From preventive care to managing chronic conditions and the latest research in a variety of disease areas, the platform will offer a wide range of resources catering to the diverse health landscape of the country.

Dr. Kathryn Tinckam, UHN's Physician-in-Chief, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "This partnership aligns with our commitment to promote health education and empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being. By combining our medical expertise with YouTube's dedication to improving health through accurate and engaging content, we are confident in our ability to provide Canadians with a trusted source for health information."

Kyla Kumar, UHN's Vice President, Communications and Brand Strategy, echoed this sentiment, adding, "We are excited to work hand-in-hand with YouTube Health to create a platform that not only informs but also enables individuals to make healthier choices. This partnership represents a significant step towards building a healthier society."

"Video is an incredibly effective way for hospitals to connect with diverse audiences and communities to share relevant health information that's engaging and digestible," says Soneeka Patel, YouTube Canada's Health Lead. “At YouTube, we're committed to the development of credible and authoritative health information, which is why we're excited to partner with UHN on quality content that addresses local health concerns, and support Canadians communities at scale to make informed health decisions."

About University Health Network (UHN)

UHN is Canada's No. 1 hospital and the world's No. 1 publicly funded hospital. With nine sites and more than 18,500 staff, UHN consists of Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto Rehab, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and The Michener Institute of Education. As Canada's top research hospital, the scope of research and complexity of cases at UHN have made it a national and international source for discovery, education and patient care. Flagship program areas include: cardiology (Peter Munk Cardiac Centre/Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research), transplantation (Ajmera Transplant Centre), neurosciences (Krembil Brain Institute), vision (Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute), arthritis (Schroeder Arthritis Institute), surgical innovation (Sprott Department of Surgery), genomic and regenerative medicine (McEwen Stem Cell Institute), oncology, infectious diseases, social medicine (Gattuso Centre for Social Medicine) and rehabilitation medicine. UHN is a research hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto.

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