​​​Paulina Bleah, registered nurse at the University Health Network
Lee Perry, a cancer patient at UHN, talks about the fear she experienced around receiving chemotherapy treatment, and how her pharmacist helped to allievate her anxiety. Scroll down to watch UHN's 'Faces of Care' video. (Photo: UHN)

"Patients come to us for care at a very vulnerable point in their lives and they come to us with fears and uncertainties," said Dr. David Urbach, Surgeon, UHN. "It's very important we do everything we can to help alleviate those concerns."

Lee Perry is one patient who experienced fear and anxiety when faced with her chemotherapy appointment on Dec.28.

"I had accepted that this was in my best interest, but emotionally, I had a lot of fear," explained Perry.

Thankfully, Perry's pharmacist took notice of this and walked her through what she could expect of her treatment.

"I call them the passionate angels," said Perry. "My pharmacist gave me the piece of mind I needed. I got a good night's sleep and was ready to embrace my chemotherapy treatment the next day."


Partners in care: part of our 'culture'

Partners in Care Service Standards were first adopted at Toronto General Hospital's Goals and Objectives Planning Retreat Day in 2012. The standards represent what it takes for us to consistently create exceptional experiences for our patients and become Customer Service Champions.

The 4A's

Our goal is to ensure these standards become part of our culture – that they live in our daily practice and every interaction. As a first step, we developed the 4A's at Toronto General Hospital:

  1. Acknowledge
  2. Ask
  3. Act
  4. Ask Again

This is the foundation upon which we base all other standards to engage patients, families and each other as 'Partners in Care'​ – to ensure we work together in a respectful manner to promote a culture of service excellence across UHN.​​

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