​Above, people on the streets of Toronto weigh in on the question, “How often should a woman get a pap test?” in the Cancer Mythbusters video series. (UHNToronto/YouTube)


This year brought many memorable moments and stories to UHN. Celebrate 2013 with a look at our Top 10 Videos of the year.​

UHN's Top Videos of 2013

  1. Cancer Mythbusters​

    Cancer MythbustersTo recognize World Cancer Day 2013, we took to the streets of Toronto to ask people about common cancer myths – including, how often a woman should get a pap test, and whether tanning beds can cause cancer. You don't want to miss their answers! Then, get the facts from our expert team at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Click the link above for the full playlist – which, with a combined 13,880-plus views so far, is UHN’s top video of the year.​

  2. ​​​​​ ​​Dr. Heather Ross and her near-death​ experience​

    Heather RossIn 2006, Dr. Heather Ross created the 'Test Your Limits' campaign to raise awareness and funds for heart failure research. To do this, she and Thunder Bay firefighter Dale Shippam – one of Ross’ heart transplant patients – trekked to the South Pole – where Ross nearly died. Don’t miss this compelling story – viewed more than 13,200 times in 2013.

  3. ​​ Concussions – 10 Things You Didn’t Know​

    Concussins Top VideosTSN analyst and CFL Hall of Famer Matt Dunigan – whose football career was ended by head injuries —teams up with concussion expert Dr. Charles Tator of the Canadian Sports Concussion Project to uncover the truth about concussions.

    Are men more susceptible to concussions than women, or vice-versa? Do helmets prevent concussions? We hit the streets of Toronto to test your knowledge – and give you expert answers from Tator and Dunigan. It's all part of Tator and his team's quest to expand knowledge about this increasingly concerning condition. With more than 8,500 views so far, it’s UHN’s third most watched video of 2013.

  4. #45 - World’s First Single Lung Transplant

    Lung Transplant Top VideosOn Nov. 7, 1983, a team of Toronto General Hospital surgeons made medical history. The patient was Tom Hall, the 45th patient worldwide to undergo a single lung transplant – and the first patient to ever survive it. This is the story of that world first -- and, how the legacy of this achievement lives on today at UHN.

  5. Physiotherapists do the Harlem Shake

    Physiotherapists do the Harlem ShakePhysiotherapists at UHN-TRI Lyndhurst Centre celebrate May’s National Physiotherapy Month... with a little Harlem Shake!

  6. ​​ Brain surgery gives ‘new life’ to anorexia patient

    Brain surgery gives ‘new life’ to anorexia patientKim Rollins, 36, spent two decades starving herself. In 2011, after another failed attempt in treatment, Rollins heard about a study involving anorexia patients. It involved brain surgery – a procedure called Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) – performed by UHN’s Dr. Andres Lozano at Krembil Neuroscience Centre. It’s the only thing that has ever been able to help Kim get her life back.

  7. Krembil Discovery Tower

    Krembil Discovery TowerThe Krembil Discovery Tower is home to some of the world's top researchers who are working to find a cure for arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, blindness and more. Hear more about their quest to make a lasting impact in the lives of Canadians and people worldwide.

  8. ​​​​ Paulina Bleah and her passion for nursing

    Paulina Bleah and her passion for nursingThe inspiring and courageous story of Paulina Bleah, a Nurse on 13 Eaton South at UHN's Toronto General Hospital. This dramatic story recounts Paulina's harrowing journey from the violent civil war in Liberia to discovering her passion and calling as a nurse at TGH.

  9. Office fit tips: Treadmill desk, healthy habits keep you moving​

    Office fit tips: Treadmill deskStaying healthy and fit during work hours is crucial to our overall well-being. Experts at University Health Network - including Organizational Wellness Manager Alison Cocking and Dr. Michael Gardam - show us how it's done. Plus – get a sneak peak at Dr. Michael Gardam keeping fit on his new office treadmill desk.

  10. Keeping people upright: Balance, Mobility and Falls clinic​

    Balance, Mobility and Falls clinicJanet Raymond's stroke didn't only affect one side of her body, it affected her whole life. Help came in the form of Toronto Rehab's innovative Balance, Mobility and Falls Clinic.

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