Gattuso-1On Monday, November 2, The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation launched 'The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre Campaign' with the help of Emmanuelle Gattuso, a breast cancer survivor.

The fundraising campaign, entitled 'One Day,' is a multi-tiered approach involving print, electronic and social media. Two commercials featuring UHN staff and breast cancer patients, will be aired during the November campaign. To see the commercials and learn more about the campaign, visit www.onedayp​

Gattuso -2The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre was created by Dr. David McCready, The Gattuso Chair in Breast Surgical Oncology, Head of the Breast Cancer Program at Princess Margaret Hospital. Patients who qualify are referred by their family physician to the centre.

They have a physical exam, mammogram, ultrasound and tissue biopsy (if needed) within one day. If tests confirm that the tumour is malignant, a treatment plan is created that day as well. Diagnosis is completed within one day and the patient returns to their referring physician with the plan for treatment.

Gattuso 3Since initiating the program in 2006, 526 women and men have gone through rapid diagnosis. Once at full capacity (by 2018), The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre will diagnose up to 3,000 breast cancer patients annually. It will also collaborate with other breast centres so that patients with a diagnosis of breast cancer can move rapidly to treatment.

In May 2009, PMHF received a $12.5 million donation from Emmanuelle Gattuso and Allan Slaight to support an expansion of the service offered by Dr. McCready and his colleagues. To commemorate the extraordinary gift, the program was renamed The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre. The couple also committed to help raise the additional $12.5 million for the program.

To donate to The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre, call 1-800-994-5187 or www.on​


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