Painting of Dr. Windmer imageToronto General Hospital has a rich and proud history. With humble beginnings as a shed during the War of 1812, the hospital quickly established itself as a top medical facility. Its celebrated past was recently resurrected as staff found a home for an original painting of Dr. Christopher Widmer, one of the hospitals early influencers.

"The challenge was to coordinate and move the eight-foot long, 300-pound painting," says Mirek Balcy, Director of Facilities and Support Services, Toronto General Hospital. "The whole team worked very hard to complete this task and is happy to finally find this impressive painting a new home."

As a resident of the York Region and a decorated staff surgeon, Dr. Widmer went on to become the founding member of the Medical Board of Upper Canada. Additionally, through his influence as a physician, trustee and Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Toronto General Hospital, he greatly contributed to the development and practice of medicine in Canada.

The recently unveiled painting of Dr. Widmer can be found at the Toronto General Hospital in Patient Court on the fourth floor (also known as The DeGasperis Conservatory) and can be viewed by staff and visitors. If you're in the area and interested in taking a trip to the hospital's past, this is one site you simply can't miss.

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