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UHN heart failure patient built a career on expressive writing. Now she’s encouraging those with a similar diagnosis to feel the healing power of the written word.
Sharon Bray
‘Writing reminds me of who I am’
Green space outside Toronto General Hospital offers access to underground fuel tanks amid the beauty of plants that welcome birds, bees and butterflies.
Shots of before and after TGH Garden
New UHN garden created for patients and pollinators alike
Cyber criminals launch thousands of phishing attacks every day. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.
keyboard and fishing hook
Don’t let a phishing attack reel you in
UHN celebrates the inaugural Rehabilitation Day, dedicated to raising awareness around the impact of rehab professionals and services.
Physiotherapist with a patient
‘Empowering people with the tools they need to redefine themselves and their abilities.’
Indigenous Council at UHN is developing educational resources to help staff provide the best care possible to First Nations, Métis and Inuit patients.
Krista Maracle
Working to create a better experience for Indigenous patients
One of the first research ventures out of CRANIA, which was established by UHN and U of T last year, and will host its inaugural conference next week.
man standing in front of video screen
UHN’s M-Gait Lab provides sneak peek at future of CRANIA
Health Minister Christine Elliott makes announcement at Hillcrest Reactivation Centre, which UHN runs in partnership with Saint Elizabeth Health Care.
Christine Elliott
Ontario government expands home and community care services
A research team led by Dr. Andrea Iaboni of UHN used a vision-based assessment tool to study patients with dementia to determine the potential for intervention. 
Dr. Andrea Iaboni
New study from Toronto Rehab-KITE suggests falls can be predicted, even prevented
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