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Clinical team in General Internal Medicine unit uses baby dolls to reduce aggressive behaviour in patients while enhancing care.
Close-up of three dolls
Oh, baby! Doll therapy helps Toronto Western dementia patients find purpose
Collaborative, peer-to-peer initiative rolling out across clinical and non-clinical areas at UHN promotes and reinforces the use of error prevention tools.
Safety Coach
Safety Coach Program: ‘Everyone has a role and a responsibility in safety’
AI analysis of short videos of patients can help to effectively gauge treatment response.
Dr. Babak Taat
Setting sights on Parkinson’s disease
3D printing is improving treatment for retinal diseases. Scientists from the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute & Krembil Research Institute want to use nanofibres that work for your cells and help them survive.
Dr. Michael Reber
Using 3D printing to help glaucoma patients
Dr. Peter St George-Hyslop, Dr. Bryce Taylor, Dr. Wayne Johnston, and Jon Love were four of the 105 appointments to the Order.
 Order of Canada logo
Members of UHN community recognized with Order of Canada
AGE-WELL is inviting Canadians to share ideas that support healthy aging.
Your idea could change us all
Toronto Rehab’s Medical Safety Huddles allow physicians to participate in a safety culture
 Dr. Meiqi Guo
Physician-Focused Safety Huddles Reduce Preventable Harm
Newly renamed Messner Allogeneic Transplant Program recognizes the ‘founding father’ of allogeneic transplantation at the Princess Margaret. 
Dr. Hans Messner
Allogeneic Transplant Program renamed in honour of Dr. Hans Messner
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