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Having dealt with numerous serious illnesses, UHN patient was willing to explore every option available so she could receive life-altering nutrients and medications.
Close-up of surgeons
Canadian first establishes central venous access from the inside-out
To mark Occupational Therapy Month, UHN News highlights the unique skills these healthcare professionals bring to their teams.
OT crouching beside patient in a wheelchair
From ‘MacGyver’ to ‘truly special,’ UHN OTs fill a range of key roles
It was a tough flu season in Australia, which is often a good sign of what’s to come here. Starting today, come get your shot – and a chocolate bar.
Occ Health
UHN Flu Campaign 2019 kicks off
In this edition, marking Fire Prevention Week, PM collaborates with Brazilian cancer centre, UHN OTs pay it forward and new research institute launched.
UHN on the go
UHN on the Go: October 2019   
Clinical trial led by UHN team could ultimately lead to a thousand more transplants a year in North America.
Portrait of the 3 docs
Novel approach to treating hepatitis C infected lungs opens door to desperately needed organ transplants
UHN to host more than 400 spinal cord leaders at biennial event in Niagara Falls next week.
Cathy Craven
Sex and gender issues top agenda at National Spinal Cord Conference
Group at UHN Centre for Mental Health teaming up to help educate fellow members of TeamUHN about mental health in workshop-style courses focusing on specific topics. 
3 mental health nurses
Workshop series by mental health nurses aims to give UHN staff tools to better help patients
Be cyber savvy. Mobile devices add a level of convenience to our lives, but have also created new opportunities for cyber criminals.
Hands holding mobile device
Seven tips for securing your mobile devices
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