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Ranking cancer cells for treatment
Cell hierarchies established by leukemia stem cells can predict response to therapy, according to researchers at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.
Dr. John Dick and Andy Zeng
Drug development
Scientists at UHN's Krembil Research Institute synthesize a molecule with potential to treat inflammatory diseases.
Dr. Mark Reed and Dr. Jeremy Sivak
Life-support system reduced COVID-19 mortality by 7.1 per cent, study shows
An international observational study published in the British Medical Journal showed ECMO has a significant impact in saving lives of the sickest COVID-19 patients.
Covid-19 Critical Care Consortium
Dr. Behrang Keshavarz: the Man in Motion
Scientist at the KITE Research Institute at UHN leads his team on a quest to understand and minimize motion sickness.
Dr. Behrang Keshavarz
Sniffing out the right signs
UHN researchers determine whether sense of smell can predict concussion severity and recovery.
Dr. Mark Bayley and Evan Foster
Housekeeper's legacy lives on with UHN's first support services award
Late Environmental Services aide Mohamed Ali always wanted to help his colleagues grow in their careers through education. Now, in his name, they can.
Mohamed Ali
Scheduling 'go-live' marks significant milestone for Synapse project
Starting to use Epic system this week to schedule patient appointments is a major achievement in UHN's clinical transformation. Full system implementation on June 4.
Abigail Gibson and Nuno Ferreira
Neurofibromatosis donation to support UHN research, patient care
Anonymous donation of $11 million will help support basic science, clinical trials and a neurosurgeon-scientist dedicated to research of the rare genetic condition.
Cynthia Cheng Mintz and her son
Predicting disease progression
UHN researchers find blood-based molecules may predict how quickly knee osteoarthritis will become more severe.
Drs. Shabana Amanda Ali, Osvaldo Espin-Garcia and Mohit Kapoor
Trailblazing stem cell research
Landmark funding from the Stem Cell Network will support seven UHN-led projects.
Stem Cell Network awards
Answering the call: nurse-led research aims to improve long-term health of cancer survivors
Inspired by working as a point-of-care nurse with cancer patients, Samantha Mayo changed the trajectory of her career from clinician to researcher.
Dr. Samantha Mayo
Learning how to see critically
Study led by researchers at UHN's Wilson Centre and TIER shows critical reflection can help healthcare workers be better advocates for care.
Drs. Stella Ng and Dr. Woods
KITE at UHN an incubator for tomorrow's top rehab scientists
Focus on innovation and collaboration is helping a new crop of researchers develop cutting-edge strategies that will lead to patients living more fulsome lives.
Jenny Campos and three trainees
Small cuts, big results: the role of nursing in robotic surgery
Registered nurse Kate Mlacak is one of the innovators in UHN's Sprott Department of Surgery who continue to push the boundaries of robotic surgery.
Registered nurse Kate Mlack
These physiotherapists might surprise you
To mark Physiotherapy Month, PTs across UHN discuss motivating patients, things they could have only learned on the job, and what surprises people about the role.
Fatah Abdul in harness
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