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Recipient of rare five-organ transplant reflects on 'incredible' gift
To mark Be A Donor Month, patient of UHN's Ajmera Transplant Centre says "it looks like I have a life ahead of me now."
Zachary Colton
Decoding diabetic kidney disease
UHN study uncovers mechanisms explaining sex-related differences in diabetic kidney disease.
Disparities in end-of-life-care
UHN researchers show how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted palliative care among socioeconomic groups.
Family grateful as UHN surgical team gives son 'a second chance at life'
"I've got to make sure that he gets the best," mom says of decision to take 24-year-old son to Toronto Western after his diagnosis with rare, cancerous brain tumour.
UHN and West Park integration about 'building Canada's leading rehabilitation ecosystem’
Ontario Ministry of Health approves voluntary integration of the two organizations, effective April 1, 2024.
Anne-Marie Malek and Dr. Kevin Smith
Dos and don’ts during the solar eclipse
Eye safety is the top priority for a glimpse of the eclipse on April 8. A specialist at UHN’s Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute answers key questions on safe viewing.
Hard to swallow
Prof. Catriona Steele of UHN’s KITE Research Institute is helping put the pleasure back in eating for patients with dysphagia.
Honour Roll: March 2024 
UHN News highlights achievements and awards given to TeamUHN members across all professions. Send your award notifications to   
Honour Roll
The messages in your cells
Researchers at Toronto General Hospital Research Institute uncover how blood vessel cells directionally communicate with surrounding cells.
Unlocking cardiac repair
Researchers at UHN's McEwen Stem Cell Institute explore the role of a protein in making heart muscle from stem cells.
Peer support in UHN Bariatric Surgery Program 'an invaluable resource'
Sharing personal experience offers patients a glimpse at someone "living a life I could aspire to."
UHN's ELLICSR Kitchen helps cancer patients regain joy in food and eating
UHN on the Go: March 2024
News and notes from across UHN. This month, Teaching and Learning Week, a made-in-Canada nuclear isotope to help cancer patients and marking World Kidney Day.
Funding to spur innovation
UHN researchers receive $6.3 million in funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.
UHN using artificial intelligence to help prevent colon cancer
Endoscopists at Toronto Western Hospital are using AI to improve early detection of pre-cancerous colon polyps.
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