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UHN on the Go – July 2024
Appointments recognize housing and health are 'inextricably linked'
New UHN Gattuso Centre Social Medicine Housing Fellows will bring international expertise to integration of housing solutions into health care strategies.
Helping people living with dementia ‘flourish’ through dance
Senior Scientist at UHN’s KITE Research Institute working to incorporate traditions from marginalized communities into seniors’ dance program.
Harry Forestell's experience with deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson's
A first-person interview with the CBC TV journalist about his DBS journey.
Are the brain's blood vessel pathways an early warning system for disease?
Researchers build first molecular atlas of blood vessels and their cells, genes and pathways in the brain, across early brain development, adulthood and disease.
Virtual reality for rehabilitation
Researchers at UHN’s KITE Research Institute are exploring the link between concussion symptoms and visual stimulation.
Optimizing HIV care during pregnancy
A new UHN study investigates neurodevelopment impacts of HIV drugs taken during pregnancy.
New models for eye disease
UHN-University of Toronto research team finds transfer between transplanted and host cells holds promise for vision repair.
Your brain on stress
We all know stress is a problem, but how does it impact our brain? And what are researchers learning about the long-term impacts of stress?
How the Apple Watch could boost heart health
UHN study following 1,000 people with heart disease to see how the Apple Watch could help clinicians support patients on their cardiac rehabilitation journey.
UHN’s Dr. Edward Cole, 'a force in academic medicine,' named to Order of Canada
Former UHN Physician-in-Chief, who was a pioneer in kidney transplantation, among the latest recipients of one of Canada’s top civilian honours.
Retiring UHN social worker strikes a chord with patients, colleagues
Paul Asselin, a social worker since 1992 on 9 South, the Brain and Stroke inpatient unit at Toronto Rehab, will “miss the musical friends, patients, colleagues.”
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What if Alzheimer's isn't just a brain disease?
UHN scientist's "eureka moment" may lead to new approaches in Alzheimer's research and treatment.
Treating eye tumours with light
In a world-first, researchers at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil develop laser-based treatment for pigmented melanoma.
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