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The Ontario government’s announcement earlier this week allows UHN to begin moving forward​ with the proposal to begin clinical trials. ​

The funding announced earlier this week by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care allows UHN to go forward with a clinical trial on the use of irreversible electroporation (IRE), also known as Nanoknife, as compared with the standard of care for pancreatic cancer.

With funding in place, the team which put together the proposal will move as quickly as possible to put the proposal into action and that starts with taking the proposed trial to UHN's Research Ethics Board.

All clinical trials must meet ethical and design standards to ensure the safety of patients entered in any trial.

When the trial has been approved by the REB, potential patients would be referred by their General Practitioner or their Oncologist to the McCain Pancreatic Clinic at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.​ This clinic will be informed when the clinical trial is ready to accept patients but that will not be until the trial has REB approval.

Patients can find information for their GP or Oncologist at thi​s link about referring to the McCain Pancreatic Clinic.

When the trial opens, that information will be posted on the McCain Pancreatic Clinic website page.

To see the government announcement, click here.​

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