Maria Ricupero

Role at UHN:
Clinical Dietitian, Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program​, Toronto Rehab

Maria Ricupero.jpgWhat is the number one piece of advice you give to your patients to empower them to improve their heart health?
Patients often tell me how much they benefit from learning how to read labels on food packages.  The education they receive around label reading allows them to look past the claims on the front of the package and go straight to the facts where they can decide for themselves if they want a certain product.  When patients understand how to interpret the information on food labels, they are empowered because they not only recognize what is in a product, but they can then make an informed choice about whether or not to consume that product.

What is the one thing that you do to maintain your heart health?
I focus on including a diet that is mostly plant-based and I exercise daily either by running and/or doing yoga.

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