Clerrsio, 17 months, and his mother Albertina arriving at a UNICEF pop-up clinic in Angola.  Angola is one of eight countries with the lowest rates of immunization. UNICEF is working to ensure that all children like Clerrsio receive the life-saving immunizations. (Photo: © UNICEF/PFPG2014P-0061/Clark)​

We are in the final stretch of the Flu Campaign. This is the last week to get your flu shot and make a donation to a child in need through UNICEF Canada. This week, if you get your flu vaccine, we will donate two vaccines to UNICEF – with one vaccine for yourself, you can help two children.

We have donated over 10,000 vaccines so far, but we still have a ways to go in order to reach our 70 per cent goal. Make sure to choose prevention and protect yourself, your loved ones, our patients and (this week) two children with one flu shot.

​Staff from across UHN describe the extra motivation for getting a flu shot this year. (Video: UHN)


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