Daryl Dooks

Role at UHN:
Cardiac Rehab Supervisor in Toronto Rehab's Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program

Daryl Dooks.jpgWhat is the number one piece of advice you give to your patients to empower them to improve their heart health?
The number one piece of advice I give patients actually comes in the form of a question. I ask the patient what they want to accomplish. It is important for patients to be able to articulate their purpose for being in the cardiac rehab program – why they joined, what they want to accomplish, and how attaining their goal will help them and/or others. Once they answer that, the program can be tailored to their specific needs.

What is the one thing that you do to maintain your heart health?
My wife and I have been vegetarians all our married lives (33 years). I also exercise as much as I can - cycle in the summer and run in the winter. This past summer from April to September I cycled just over 1,000 miles. My goal this summer is 1,250 miles.

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