​​Dr. Tilak Dutta holding different winter boots.
Dr. Tilak Dutta compares the soles on different winter boots. (Photo: UHN)

Toronto Rehab researchers are developing new methods to mass-produce a shoe material that may help decrease slips and falls in winter conditions.

The material, which is made up of glass fibers embedded in a compliant rubber, could one day be used in the soles of slip-resistant winter boots. The researchers describe the manufacturing process in a paper in the journal Applied Physics Letters, from AIP Publishing.

The researchers are testing the material in WinterLab —a self-contained lab at Toronto Rehab that recreates typical winter conditions and can tilt to a slope of up to 15 degrees.

Toronto Rehab researchers suit up for demo
Toronto Rehab researchers suit-up for a demo of slip-resistant winter boots inside WinterLab . (Photo: UHN)​

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