On May 3, PMH previewed the future of cancer care: Personalized Cancer Medicine. For the more than 200 attendees, that meant they had an opportunity to learn about what is going on behind the scenes in our laboratories and clinics. One day, each patient who walks through the door will receive a treatment plan that is tailor-made to their unique needs, with fewer side effects. 

Behind the scenes slogan image"Personalized medicine is the way forward," said Dr. Ben Neel, Research Director, Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute and OCI/PMH. "PMH has around 1,000 researchers, trainees and support staff, many of whom are working in a variety of ways to determine how cancer occurs at the molecular level. Their work will allow us to understand the unique qualities of each patient's tumour, and help our clinicians treat them in more targeted and effective ways than currently possible."

To begin the evening, supporters and friends of PMH were treated to informative presentations and engaged in conversations with our staff and researchers through the exhibits on display. Following the reception, lively breakout sessions went into more detail about how our scientists are creating tomorrow's treatment today in a variety of areas, including immune therapy, guided therapeutics, radiation oncology and biobanking.

This annual event gives our donors the opportunity to learn about the impact their support has on the latest advances in cancer treatment, research and education, while interacting with researchers and clinicians at PMH. And if attendance is a barometer of success, this year's Behind the Scenes was a winner—nearly double the number of guests attended compared to last year. 

For more information about next year's event, please visit PMHF online at http://www.pmhf.ca/.

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