​​​​​​​​​Ruth Gopaul
Ruth Gopaul, pictured here with four of the five UHN CEOs for whom she was Executive Assistant (L to R) Tom Closson, Dr. Peter Pisters, Dr. Alan Hudson and Dr. Bob Bell, was described by her nominators as “an invaluable resource, a beloved co-worker and a trusted confidante.” She also worked for Interim President and CEO Justine Jackson, who was unable to attend Ruth’s retirement celebration where this photo was taken. (Photo: UHN)​

A nurse practitioner at Toronto General Hospital, the former Executive Assistant to the five most recent UHN CEOs and the team behind a new discharge summary program at Toronto Rehab are this year's winners of the Local Impact Award.

The Local Impact Awards, which were presented at yesterday's Annual General Meeting, began in 2015 and are given to an employee or team whose work has significantly improved patient care or the workplace for staff at UHN.

The response to the award was once again overwhelming.

"This is the second year of the Local Impact Awards and we have already received a combined 100 nominations," said Dr. Michael Baker, Rose Family Chair in Medicine and co-chair of the awards committee. "It has quickly become a tradition of recognizing excellence.

"The quality of the nominations for this year's awards was outstanding and represented people and groups who have helped make UHN an excellent place for patient care."

This year's three award winners are:

Ruth Gopaul, former Executive Assistant to Dr. Peter Pisters, President and CEO, is the winner of the Local Impact Award – Individual Workplace Contributions. She is recognized for her work as the right-hand to the five most recent CEOs; her administration of the UHN Board of Trustees and several of its subcommittees; and her incredible 46-year commitment to the UHN organization.

Ruth is described by her nominators as an invaluable resource, a beloved co-worker and a trusted confidante; the ideal to which all of the Executive Assistants in the Corporate Offices would aspire. She is also praised for her ability to keep everyone on an even keel, even on the most hectic days.


Photo of Sue Jenkin’s team
Susan Jenkins (back row, second from right), who is repeatedly praised by her nominators for her professionalism and indefatigable nature, is pictured with the team from the Thrombosis and Hemostasis Clinic at Toronto General Hospital: (L to R, front) Jennifer Monroy, Sharon Waine, Myrrel Cuevas, Nydia Khargie, Lesley Barrans and Nilda Laurino; (L to R, back) Dr. Bill Brien, Ina Cherepaha-Kantorovich, Sarah Boross-Harmer and Dr. Erik Yeo. (Photo: UHN Visual Services)​

Susan Jenkins, Nurse Practitioner – Thrombosis and Hemostasis Clinic at Toronto General Hospital. Susan is the winner of the Local Impact Award – Individual Clinician Contributions. It recognizes her front-line management of the long-term anti-coagulation program; her efforts to create a strong brand presence for the program in the GTA and Ontario; and the invaluable services and quality of care she provides her complex patients.

Susan is repeatedly praised by her nominators for her professionalism and her indefatigable nature. Many also described her ability to give her complete attention to everyone at the clinic, and to connect and care on a fundamentally personal basis.


The Patient Oriented Discharge Summary (PODS) Team at Toronto Rehab's Lyndhurst Centre was chosen as the winner for the Local Impact Award – Team for their work launching the Spinal Cord Injury rehab version of PODS as well as their dedication to ensuring patients are prepared for and safe leading up to their discharge.

Their nominators described how the feedback from the team's patients has been overwhelmingly positive, and how much they value speaking with the PODS team about their plans for living in the community.

​"I'm fortunate to meet many people across UHN but I know that there are many unsung heroes and people who go above and beyond for patients" said Gillian Howard, Vice-President of Public Affairs and Communications and co-chair of the awards committee.

"It's a pleasure to read the submissions across UHN from people who want to celebrate the accomplishments, compassion and skills of their colleagues in this way."


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  • Christina Ciapanna
  • Divina Duca
  • Sarah Flogen
  • David Frost
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